24 HOUR 

Road Race

 Breaking: D7 will incorporate the


Ride, Race or Relay? 

Delirium is a 24 hour road cycling event, open to solo riders and teams. All of the normal rules of racing apply including the ability to draft. Teams ride in relay with one rider on course at a time and no restrictions on when you can change that rider. As a race Delirium is highly tactical, much more so than a conventional bike race. Don't worry if you are not into competing just get out there with your cycling buddies and experience the ultimate team building exercise!

D6 400km+ Club  

  1. 812.0km Lee Scurlock
  2. 767.6km Tim James
  3. 757.5km Peter Dodd
  4. 719.1km Steve Bunton
  5. 705.0km Geoff Myatt
  6. 656.5km Mark Kelly
  7. 638.3km Anthony Mateljan
  8. 626.2km Lennon McLintock
  9. 626.2km Steve Croft
  10. 587.8km Damian Van Loon
  11. 573.7km Richard Cook
  12. 561.6km Colin Prior
  13. 549.4km Sabine Bird
  14. 549.4km Glen Lacey
  15. 545.4km Vern Merchant
  16. 531.3km Owen Bunn
  17. 517.1km Nicolai Handveitt-Haar
  18. 515.1km Jeremy Savage
  19. 486.8km Karen McCulloch
  20. 428.2km Dale Blincow
  21. 428.2km Giles Philip
  22. 424.2km Fiona Purdie
  23. 424.2km Graham Purdie
  24. 414.1km David Kaestner
  25. 402.0km Pieter Erwee
  26. 400.0km Dennis Vann Aarde

"I've been in lots of cycling events before and have to say that this was the most enjoyable. It was well organised, challenging and extremely tactical - far more than expected"


"Amazing, not at all what we expected, next year we plan to bring the whole family"

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